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Lecturer adhoc in Physical Education, NIT Calicut,NIT Campus PO, Calicut673601,Kerala, India

For the purpose of this study the investigator randomly selected thirty two volleyball players (N=32) from School of Physical Education and Sports Science, Kannur University and B S E Volley bal l club Ale pp e y who were equally divided into experimental group and control group (n=16). Their age ranged from 20 to 25years . The experimental group got sports vision training according to training programme and each training session was for one hour and the total duration of the training programm e was for six week. During this period, the control group was let off without any training. The effect of vision training on the serving ability was tested. The pre - test was conducted on the experiment al and control group. After six weeks of trai ning post - test was conducted. „T ‟test was used to analyse the data. From t he statistical analysis it is evident that in serving test item significant changes were noticed after training .