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The D2™ is established as a widely used medical device of choice for the visual, neuro, driver retraining and physical rehabilitation of patients following stroke, TBI and upper extremity injury.

Originally designed as a device to improve the visual-motor skills of athletes, the D2™ has been adapted to provide these same training benefits to persons whose visual and motor functions have been compromised by injury or disease.

With each TBI patient requiring a personalized rehabilitation program, the D2™ enables customizable programs to work with each patient’s needs.

For persons with motor impairment, the D2™ can be used to increase upper extremity active range of motion and coordination, muscular and physical endurance and improve motor planning. It has been successfully used to improve function in children and adults with limitations from stroke, head injury, amputation, spinal cord injury and orthopedic injury.The unit can be used to train search strategies and improve ocular-motor skills such as localization, fixation, gaze shift, and tracking. While using the D2™patients can improve peripheral visual awareness, visual attention and anticipation, and improve eye-hand coordination and visual-motor reaction time.